New Indiegogo Project Launched For “Shittens” – A Revolutionary Way Of Dealing With Poop!

Rachel Fine is the creator of one of the most unusual crowd-funding projects that I have written about for a very long while, a flushable glove-shaped wipe that helps you to deal with poop without getting any on your hands!
Rachel and fellow creator Richie are seeking $50,000 from Indiegogo to bring their innovative poop-protector into existence. They are hoping that the universal truth that “no one wants poop on their hands” will encourage people to dig deep into their pockets and contribute to the project because “poop is gross”.

They said that despite the fact that no one, except possibly the Ladies of Manure wants to get icky brown feces on their digits, “we laugh carelessly in the face of danger every time with take a moist towelette to our heinies, flying completely blind in the critical poop-to-hand spatial relation.”

And it doesn’t stop there, how many times have you have to wipe said unpleasant matter from your baby’s posterior or clean up a runny poop parcel deposited on your doorstep by the friendly neighborhood dog? This, they claim, is the reason that we desperately need Shittens in our lives!!

The flushable glove-shaped wipe, fully protects the hand you use to eat your dinner, scratch your head and stroke your loved ones. It has perforated sides for simple breakaway disposal and come with an anti-bacterial inner-lining for super duper double protection.

If the Shittens raise the money they need, they will be commercially called “Shmittens” because some spoil sports don’t approve of swear words.

Mark Cuban, from ABC’s Shark Tank said “Shittens – everybody needs one!”

As humorous as a lot of the content in the Shittens pitch is – as far as I can tell, this is a serious project and not a hoax like the Kickstarter project to build a Death Star or a squadron of X-Wings was. I could be wrong though, unfortunately I’m too busy to go sniffing around trying to discover if this is BS or not!

So what do you reckon, would you purchase Shittens if they were in mainstream distribution? Leave a comment and let us know.

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  • Richie

    I am the co-inventor and YES they are 100% real. The one I showed on the show was just a prototype. We are working hard on getting real ones made. Thanks for the coverage