Incredible Near Miss: Woman Almost Pulverized By Train As She Tries To Rescue Fallen Cell Phone

Most of us are pretty attached to our cell phones, but sometimes when those pesky things fall from our grasp into a steaming pile of elephant dung, a vat of acid or onto the tracks before an oncoming train, you just have to know when to say, thanks for the memories and bid them goodbye.

Learning when to part with your beloved device is one lesson that nobody bothered to teach this young lady in Sao Paulo, Brazil. As you can see in this video, she narrowly misses being turned into human jam by the train as she foolishly climbs down onto the tracks in an attempt to retrieve her fallen phone.

The video isn’t the best quality action clip you are ever likely to watch, but you can still see just how close she comes to meeting her maker!

If you are watching it at work, I suggest you turn down the volume otherwise the screeching and screaming might have your colleagues thinking that you are watching some sort of fucked up torture porn and nobody wants that!

No word as to whether the cell phone this woman risked her life to salvage actually survived the fall onto the train tracks and came out of the incident intact!

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