Tron Wars Fanart: Imagine The Havoc Darth Vader Could Wreck In The Grid!

Check out this awesome piece of Fanart that features the infamous Darth Vader kitted out in Tron garb and ready to usurp power in the grid! It was featured on CafeMadruga and upon seeing it, Geektyrant’s Eli Reyes began musing over whether Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski might be the man for the Star Wars Episode 7 job!

A lot has been said about who is going to get the prestigious role of directing the new Star Wars film; ardent fans of the saga have their own ideas about who they would like to see in the boss chair with Christopher Nolan, Peter Jackson, Joss Whedon and numerous other names bantered about. Team Coco have also put together some hilarious “audition tapes” from some unlikely directors that are definitely worth a watch.

Reyes thinks that Kosinski could be the man for the job because he avoided overusing CGI in Tron: Legacy and opted to build intricate and elaborate sets. Considering the setting of the film, CGI would have been the easy option, but Kosinski went for practical effects instead. One of the main issues that Star Wars fanatics had with the prequels was the heavy reliance on CGI and this is why Reyes believes Kosinski could bring something new to Episode 7, he said: “The Star Wars universe is pretty timeless, but if there’s someone out there that could bring a fresh visual take and give Star Wars a face lift it’d be Kosinski.”

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