If Mass Effect’s Commander Shepard Was A Barbie

Check out the pics of Mass Effect’s Commander Shepard modeled from a Barbie doll, which was painstakingly crafted by the Introverted Wife.

Judging from her description, creating this modified Barbie doll took her a serious amount of time and some super meticulous attention to detail. This is definitely not one of those squeezy washing up liquid bottle and sticky back plastic, 20-minutes jobbies! You can try it at home, but be prepared to be disappointed unless you are something of a creative genius!

We wonder if those lovely people over at Mattel who make a different Barbie for every occasion will contact the Introverted Wife about mass producing Commander Shepard Barbie. The Mass Effect heroine would certainly provide a more interesting doll than some of the Barbie’s they pump out!!

(Via Introverted Wife)

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