Identity Of Miami’s Naked Face-Eater Revealed

In what is probably one of 2012’s most obscurely horrific news stories, the identity of the man who was shot dead by police because he was viciously eating another man’s face, has been revealed. Police have said that the man they shot was 31-year-old Rudy Eugene.

The utterly disturbing incident of violent cannibalism occurred last Saturday when an unassuming cyclist riding on the MacArthur Causeway in Miami, Florida saw something that will probably end up scarring him for life. He spotted a completely naked guy tearing skin and flesh from another man’s face with his teeth. According to Hypervocal, the attacker, who we now know to be Rudy Eugene, growled at the cyclist, whilst covered in the victim’s blood and with pieces of his flesh hanging from his mouth.

The video footage of the attack and of Eugene’s subsequent shooting by the police does not really show very much, but I suggest that you only look at the pictures if you have a very strong stomach. Warning, these pictures are definitely not suitable for anyone who is squeamish!! NSFL & NSFW!!

A few other witnesses also saw this distressing occurrence and managed to signal to passing police officers, who shot at the attacker. According to eye witness reports, he continued chewing on the human flesh in his mouth even after he had been gunned down.

Police believe that the victim may have been a homeless man and he is yet to be identified. He was so savagely attacked that his nose has been torn from his face, his eye gouged out and pretty much the majority of the flesh around his face, apart from the chin area, was torn off. He is currently in critical condition and fighting for his life in hospital.

Rudy Eugene, the man responsible for the barbaric attack, was a divorcee who had 7 arrests on his criminal record. The charges against him included misdemeanor battery, trespassing and several arrests for marijuana. Although all the charges came in a five year span that suggest he was descending into a criminal lifestyle, the kind of offenses that Eugene was arrested for hardly scream out – ‘I’m going to wake up one day thinking I’m a fricking zombie and try to EAT SOMEONES FACE!!!’

Detectives investigating the brutal assault believe that Eugene may have been suffering from cocaine psychosis which causes body temperatures to increase dramatically and has the sufferer in a craze. They also suspect that he may have consumed a synthetic amphetamine-like drug called ‘bath salts’ which can be legally bought online.

Jeez, this is incredible and I thought the story about Japanese chef Mao Sugiyama who had his penis, testicles and scrotum removed, cooked it up and served it to diners at a Tokyo banquet, was about as gross as it could get. But at least he chose to have people cannibalize themselves with his appendages and charged them $250 for the pleasure.

Update: New Revelations About Ronald Poppo, The 65 Year Old Man Who Had His Face Chewed Off (Video)

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  • Janson

    That second picture is abhorrent and should not be posted out of respect for the victim. Shame on you KHOW.

    • Bruce Cat

      Relax mate, this was on most of the big news sites

    • Bruce Cat

       Relax dude, It’s on everywhere now

  • Fireofdesirelol

    Professional groupie for a ‘couple’ of awesome bands? So ”
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    So, basically, when you’re not writing, you’re sexually satisfying band-members who will never love/respect you, because you are, in fact, a ‘groupie’.

    Have fun with that, and stick to your obvious dayjob.

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       What are you on about  @Fireofdesirelol ?

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    “Share and Enjoy” … FFS.

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      Well said lol

  • Laron Stewart

    looks shopped

  • Id like to stay anon plz

    Im a little confused, where is the mouth? I dont mean to sound dumb or ignorant, if someone could guide me id appreciate it.

    • guest72

       His chin/mouth is in the blue/white medical piece.  You can see his facial hair on his jaw & chin  just below the blue strap.  In the article it said that his chin area was the only place that wasn’t torn apart.  If that guides you any.

  • cfishy

    This should be posted on every place they sell this stuff, and put together with other cases in education videos to show children who try to get high. Buyers beware.

  • Ottó

    This is the most amazing and most inhuman story I have ever heared! I can not believe it! Otto from Hungary

  • Eduardo Shiroma

    This story is unbelievable. I think the picture of the victim shown here is false, and probably based on his mugshot shown in some news. If the photo is real, it’s really sad.

    • Theluckyed00791

      your an idiot

      • Eduardo Shiroma

        You know me? I honestly don’t understand your comment. Why do you think I’m an idiot? :-/

      • Cburg_guy


        an idiot doesn’t know the difference between you’re (you are) and your. It’s possible that Mr. Shiroma has not seen the news lately… that along with all the doctored photos on the internet, couldn’t he just be wishing it hadn’t happened? 

        So take YOUR opinion and shove it “Lucky”. You douchenozzle. 

        • Peter Danyi

          whatever bulshit youre wrote here (didnt even read it full) is extremely ridiculous!!! im tired of lunatic weirdo’s trying to correct other poeple’s comments,, WE DONT CARE !! NOBODY CARES ABOUT GRAMMAIRE IN COMMENTS. the point is understanding the comment NOT the way you write it. you wanna correct people, then apply for a job in a school as a teatcher,, internet is the wrong place my friend. nice try but you lost this one with Theluckyd00791. lol you tried to terrorize his comment in flames haha but you terrorized urself 1000 times harder. Get a rest and next morning try to get your Mind right for once in in your life and head for a new start, because your mind doesn’t seem to be healthy!!, including all the others always bit(hin’ bout grammaire ‘n’ sht. WTF

  • loppygzzz

    why is the black guy naked??
    and the other has no pants?

    • Mopone

      The attacker was reported to be seen on other occassions walking around naked. The victim had shorts on

  • Bruce Cat
  • Mopone

    it looks like both are naked, but in other photos the victim has shorts and T-shirt on

  • Iamdrpie

    I have watched all the police and officials that showed up…..Where the hell is an ambulance? Why did it take so long?There is a man severely hurt but no medical attention….Screw the assailant take care of the victim first! 

  • treehuggerssmellbad

    The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us.

  • Bird Folk

    HAHAHA, Holy shit! Why?

  • Bruce Cat

    Ronald Poppo is awake and walking, but man, look at his face now

  • Splitoptimo

    Oh no my friend…that photo of his face is real as can be! The man literally ate everything but his mouth chin and right eye. He ate the mans eye! Whhaaat?

  • Austin Danger Powers

    Very groovy, baby.

  • Purple Gerald Ford

    I just drove a plane into 9/11. #YOLO