‘I Could Pee On This’: A Collection Of Poems Written By Your Feline Friend

Ever wondered what was going through your kitteh’s mind as they stare up at you with those big opal eyes and rub themselves against your leg? What about what they’re thinking when they march across your head at the crack of dawn and paw and claw at you until you wake up and give them some attention? 
Well now there is a book that can give you that very insight, it is called “I Could Pee On This: And Other Poems By Cats” and is a collection of poems ‘by cats’ collected by Francesco Marciuliano.

It features poems that explore classic themes that are at the forefront of a feline mind, including: “Who Is That On Your Lap”, “Why Are You Screaming”, “This Is My Chair” and “Some of My Best Friends Are Dogs”.

I want to meet these literary genius Kittehs and see if they fancy writing some of my articles while I take a nap in front of the fireplace. What do you think the chances are?

All joking aside, this is actually a real book and is available on Amazon for kitteh-lovers who want to understand the emotions and motivations of their beloved moggy.

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