How To Win Monopoly In Only 4 Turns

Those of you who play, or used to play Monopoly will no doubt know that it can be a very long, tactical battle which usually results in games that go on for an hour or more (depending on how many are playing). However if the dice is kind (or unkind) then it can be over in about 21 seconds, as DJM over at scatterplot demonstrates.

This is a scripted game of course, the die didn’t actually land that way and it was executed to demonstrate just how quickly it can end if the dice are particularly cruel to one and really really kind to another in a 2-player game.

The aim of the profdjm’s game was to try and figure out the shortest “theoretically possible” game of Monopoly ever and they managed to bring it down to a 4-turn, 9-roll (including doubles) game between two players. It basically boils down to one player collecting bank errors in their favor, getting their hands on Park Place and Boardwalk and buying a load of property on those places. The unlucky losing player lands on said place and has to pay his counterpart all his cash leaving him bankrupt. If you can’t follow what’s going on in the video, profdjm explains all the moves in the YouTube video description.

So that’s that then, done in 21 seconds and the bank manager didn’t even have to cheat for it to happen!

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