How To Make DIY Batgirl Tights


If you fancy making yourself some customized Batgirl tights, then Geekilicious’ Elise Jimenez has put together a tutorial that gives you all the know-how!

Jimenez’ wanted to go for the classic Barbara Gordon look so she picked bright purple tights and used yellow paint to create the infamous bat symbol, but there is nothing to stop you going with a different color scheme.

All you will need is acrylic or fabric paint (you can always mix acrylic with fabric medium), parchment paper to create your template, a bat symbol template, a brush, a sponge, a blowdryer, clear nail varnish, your legs and patience. Lots and lots of patience!

Elise Jimenez1

Jimenez recommends that you wear the tights and paint the symbol onto them whilst they are on your legs and that’s why there is a lot of waiting around involved, because obviously you will need to wait for the paint to dry before you can take the dang things off!
The blowdryer is intended to help you speed up the drying process and she advises that you dry each coat before beginning the next one.

Elise Jimenez3

Elise Jimenez4

Once complete, she suggests that you coat it in clear nail varnish for an extra bit of protection. She recommends that you peel the tights off your legs very very carefully, so that your design does not ruined and says that if you leave it to dry for long enough, you shouldn’t end up with too much paint on your legs.

Elise Jimenez5

Elise Jimenez6

I can’t help but wonder if stretching your tights against something else that was roughly the same size as your leg – some cardboard or some suchlike, you could avoid the whole painting your own leg thing. But then, maybe that takes the fun out of it for some people!

I know if I painted a design on tights I was wearing, my legs would automatically turn into coffee-table-seeking-devices and I’d end up with a trail of yellow paint smeared all over the place!

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