How A Broken Cell Phone Could Still Save Your Skin In An Emergency

A few weeks ago we brought you an insightful article by Artofmanliness guest writer Creek Stewart – which elaborated on all the ways in which a tampon could end up being a handy survival tool – should you end up stranded in the wilderness somewhere. Well this week he has posted another incredibly useful survival guide – this time his essential tool is a busted cell phone.

As Stewart pointed out, it is incredibly rare these days for anyone to leave their house without their cell phone, (I panic if I can’t locate mine for five minutes) so the chances are if you are stuck in a torrid survival situation your cell phone will probably be right there with you!

If you happen to end up getting stuck in a situation like this, ideally you’d like to be able to use cell phone for that which it was intended – to make that phonecall that gets your ass out of whatever awful situation you have landed it in, however, situations like this are often far from ideal. Your battery might be dead, the chances are if you’re in the wilderness you won’t have any signal, or it might just have flown out of your pocket when you were thrown off that bucking Yak.

Creek’s article lists 5 different ways in which a busted cell phone might help save your life in an emergency. Some of these suggestions are brilliant, like using the metallic like material that is found behind most screens as a mirror to capture light and signal to rescuers. Another that I particularly liked was using the circuit board as a cutting tool and even shaping part of it into a spear-head for self-defense or hunting dinner! The fishing hook he created from the smashed up phone also looked like it could work!!

However there were a couple of suggestions in there that I really don’t think that I, or your average Joe stranded in the forest would be able to pull off…Like using the metallic wires and magnets inside the phone to create a compass – I was confused just reading his instructions on how to do that, let alone if I had to attempt to make it work without those guidelines as I’m guessing if I’m stranded in the wilderness I won’t be able to access the internet for his handy instructions!!

All in all though, it is a really useful guide that could end up saving your life should you get yourself stuck in one of those insane survival situations! One thing Creek was adamant about however, was that you should only bust open your phone and start using the bits and bobs in it as an absolute last resort. He said: “Even when there seems to be no signal, your phone might be able to register a ping from nearby cell phone towers which can be used by first responders to track your general location.” He’s got a point there, being located by rescuers seems like a much better option to me than trying to hunt elk with a motherboard-spear!!

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