Houston’s Memorial Hermann Hospital Hosts World’s First Live-Tweeted C-Section

Houston’s Memorial Hermann hospital hosted the world’s first ever live-tweeted cesarean section baby delivery this week and has announced that the operation was a success, both mother and baby are said to be doing well!

The C-Section was performed by obstetrician Anne Gonzalez on an unnamed, 39-year old woman on Wednesday morning and gave the hospital’s many followers an education (and graphic) insight in to one way in which a child is born. Assisting Doctor Amelia Chu wore a GoPro camera that captured much of the footage and obstetrician and gynecologist Sherri Levin was on hand to answer questions and commentate on the procedure via the @houstonhospital Twitter account.

This was a world-first, but the hospital is no stranger to live-tweeting operations, having hosted the world’s first live-tweeted open-heart surgery in February and giving Twitter users an insight into brain surgery in May.

The Storify below takes you through the entire process, from pre-op preparation, to the baby being pulled out of the mother’s stomach and her incision being stitched up. It is fascinating to see how it all happens, but it is pretty graphic and very intense (think Grey’s Anatomy without the love-life storylines), so it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. If the sight of blood makes you feel faint, then this is probably not for you!

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