Talk to the Hand, Because That’s How Hi-Call Works

Technology has come a long way in the last decades. We’re now on our fifth iPhone, we can read books on tablets, we can talk to people in other countries over Skype, and so on. I think it’s fair to say that this is all technology that has really made us advance as a society. Well, the company Hi-Fun has created something different: technology that has made us regress back to children.

The Hi-Call gloves are exactly what they look like. They are gloves that act like a phone by holding your thumb up to your ear and your pink next to your mouth (kind of like how you pretended to use a phone when you were, y’know, six years old). You connect the Hi-Call gloves to your phone the same way you’d connect a Blue Tooth, and there’s also a control pad on the wrist of the glove if you need to cancel a call or play with volume. The Hi-Call gloves come in two sizes (male and female) and two colors (black and gray). The gloves are running at €49.99 ($64) and you can pre-order yourself a pair now, but they wont be shipped to you until the 17th of December.

I suppose this glove could be of good use during winter, especially if you live somewhere extremely cold and don’t wish to remove your gloves in order to answer a phone call on your iPhone. That being said, these gloves are a pretty silly concept. I’m sure they’d grant you a lot of strange looks from people passing you by on the street whenever you’d use them in public.

Here’s a video of the gloves in action:

Despite being a goofy concept, it seems like the gloves work rather well, so if you’re interested in owning a pair, by all means, pre-order yourself some Hi-Call Gloves now. Just don’t be surprised when the world starts treating you like a toddler for owning them.

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