6 Heartwarming Pet Stories That Will Melt Your Heart And Your Other Organs Too

All of us who have pets know just how adorable they are, even if they are ugly to everyone else. Read: those people who own naked cats. Pet owners will appreciate these 6 heartwarming pet stories, even as their organs are melting from the extreme heat beams of happiness that these stories shoot out. No lie: the feeling I got when I read about these stories and watched these videos was better than all of my Pokemon evolution experiences COMBINED.

Grab a pack of tissues and get ready for the wildest ride that you have ever ridden.

1. Owner Creates Lifejacket For Einstein, The Fish Who Can’t Swim

Fish lifejacket story

Einstein the fish floated to the bottom one day, and his owner was depressed when he saw how helpless his little buddy was. So, he took action, believing that every pet, no matter how small, should be treated as a member of the family.  He rearranged Einstein’s aquarium in order to make it “disability-friendly” and he built a custom lifejacket for his fish. This way, Einstein can stay at the right depth in the tank and can swim around like any other fish!

Ain’t that cute?
The full story about Einstein and his lifejacket

2. Mama Dog Makes Friends With A Little Boy Who Has Down Syndrome

Himalaya the dog meets Hernan, a little boy who has down syndrome. He is usually averse to contact, which is why you see him pushing the dog away at first. Himalaya knowingly prods him until he climbs on top of her and gives her a big hug! This is the first time that Hernan and Himalaya have met. If this doesn’t make your heart melt, chop some onions so your friends don’t think that you’re an emotionally devoid person!

3. Stray Puppy Follows Bikers For 1,1000 Miles To Win Them Over

stray puppy follows cyclists

The puppy shown above ran 1,100 miles with cyclists, and was eventually taken home by the man shown above. They were amazed at the dog, which they named Xiaso, because its determination seemed without bound! This dog ran 30 to 40 miles at a time across China with these cyclists! Incredible!

Source: mnn.com

4. Man Finds His Dog After Ten Years of Separation


Ginger had been separated from her owner for a decade before she found him again. Jamie had divorced his wife ten years earlier, and she received custody of the dog. Unbeknownst to Jamie, Ginger was put into an animal shelter and later adopted by an elderly couple. This couple, however, became unable to care for Ginger and put her back into the shelter. Jamie saw an advertisement for a basset hound named Ginger, did some investigating, and saw that this really was his girl! They were reunited after ten years, and Jamie promised to make the rest of Ginger’s life the best that a dog could have.

Source: mnn.com

5. Abandoned Kitty Changes a Man’s Life

An anonymous man living a troubled life had his perspective changed once he was given “Shadow.” He walked out of work one day to find a cardboard box sitting next to his car.  child had written “Cat’s Home” and “Shadow” on a notecard that he had taped to the box. This man, not really being a cat fan and never having owned a cat before, was intending to leave the box where he found it. But, since it was so cold outside, he decided to bring the cat home for the night. The rest is history: they have become best friends and this man claims that Shadow really gave him joy during a tough time!

Check out the Craigslist posting where the man thanks the unknown child for giving him Shadow

6. Mama Dog Saves Her Babies From a Burning Building

dog saves her pups from a burning building
Amanda is a loving mother of five pups, and she was the lone heroine when it came to saving these babies from a burning building. Firemen watched this mama drag out each of her pups in turn from the building, place them in the fire truck, and cover them protectively until they reached the fire house.  Now you can never say that dogs are unable to love their babies!

Source: babble.com

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