Hasbro Offer Fans Chance To Replace An Iconic Monopoly Token


Toy manufacturers Hasbro has decided to retire one of its infamous classic Monopoly playing pieces and is replacing it with a token that is voted for by fans of the board game.

It has been dubbed the “Save Your Token” campaign and fans get to vote for their favorite amongst the iconic 8 tokens. Then whichever token from the classic 8 (race car, iron, Scottie dog, battleship, thimble, shoe, top hat and wheelbarrow) has the least votes will be sent to jail (one presumes that they do not pass GO and collect $200 dollars on the way either)!

Fans also get to cast their vote for the token that will replace the retiree and have the choice of toy robot, diamond ring, guitar, cat or helicopter.


Votes can be cast on the Monopoly Facebook page until the 5th of February and Monopoly games with the new token lineup should be available to purchase by the end of the summer.

A limited edition “Golden Token” Monopoly is scheduled to appear in Target Stores exclusively in the middle of February. This “Golden Token” edition will be the last to have all 8 classic tokens and all of the 5 new potential pieces too!


Jonathan Berkowitz, the vice president of marketing for Hasbro Gaming said that the move is a reflection of Hasbro’s desire to freshen the brand. He said that as a child, “you remember grabbing that token and that being your icon that represents you in the game. That passes down from generation to generation. I see it with my kids today. I’m the race car, and they can’t be the race car. They can get their own.”

According to Oddsmaker R.J. Bell of Pregame.com the wheelbarrow is the most likely token to get the boot at 2-1, with the iron next at 5-1. I’m no odds expert, but I would’ve thought the iron would be the most likely one to get the chop. Lots of people hate irons and ironing (especially people who can’t multitask) whereas the wheelbarrow is a less despised item.

The odds also suggest that the two safest tokens are the racecar (30-1) and the Scottie Dog (25-1). As yet, there are no individual odds for the tokens most likely to be voted in, but knowing what I know about the social media and its love of our feline friends, I’d say the safest bet would be the cat!

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