Handlebar Minibar – So That You Can Store Drink & Money Discreetly Whilst Cycling

If you don’t want the other cyclists in your ride group to know that you can only tolerate their company when you’ve had a swift drink, then the super discreet Handlebar Minibar might be just the thing for you.

I’m just kidding of course, Handlebar Minibar creator Yannick Read discourages drinking and riding (as do most sensible people), but he says that this miniature storage container for your bicycle could be incredibly useful.

Read is fond of cherry brandy and the Handlebar Minibar holds just 5ml – so it’s not really enough to get you wobbling around all over the place (unless you’re a real lightweight). He also said that the small flask is just the right size for a rolled up bank note or even a ready rolled cigarette – just don’t mix the contents or you’ll end up with soggy banknotes or wet ciggies. We all know that wallets and cigarette packets tucked into lycra cycling shorts can look rather unsightly!

He believes that you never know when you might need some cash in a cake emergency which could occur whilst cycling and it’s always handy to have a pre-rolled cigarette ready. He said “the Handlebar Minibar is a bit of fun – a reflection of cycling itself, I hope it is something to make you and friends smile when you’re out on a ride.”
The black plug section of the Handlebar Minibar is 7/8″ (22mm O/D) to suit 14-20 wall gauge, so it should be compatible with most bicycle handlebars.

In the Kickstarter project for the product, Read has set his target at just £500, enough to buy the stock and pay for the assembly of the product. He has already raised £161 of his target with 23 days to go.




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