Watch This Young Couple Meet For The First Time After Finding Each Other In Halo 3 Game Lobby

This YouTube clip shows the elation experienced by a young couple when they finally got to meet face-to-face for the first time after an online friendship led to a romance which had been going on several years.

Five years prior to the time that this clip was filmed at the airport, the couple met in Halo 3 game lobby and struck up a friendship. He lived in Tennessee and she lived in Texas, they were separated by over a thousand kilometers (around 800 miles) so for a long time, they communicated via video games, on MySpace (wow I didn’t realize that people still used MySpace!?) and on Facebook. Apparently though, their romantic feelings for one another came about through conversations on Skype!

It was 2 years after they decided to step out of the “friend zone” and start a romantic relationship that they met at the airport for the very first time in March. They have since met a few times more and are now engaged to be married.

The video of their emotional first meeting was recently posted by Reddit user redpanda22 in an online forum where it caused quite a stir and has been viewed and shared numerous times since.

This young couple’s story is representative of the growing role that technology and the internet is playing in helping people to find love. According to a study carried out by the University of Rochester, Online Dating is now the second only to being introduced by mutual friends as the most popular way of meeting a partner.

But aside from Online Dating, which is set up specifically to help people find love and relationships, nowadays stories about people finding their soul mates through other sites are becoming more and more common. You are often hearing about people finding love on gaming websites, about meeting their lovers on social networking sites and in online forums.

It’s incredibly cheesy to say it, but the internet really has made the world a smaller place and is helping to bring people together!

Couple Meets For First Time After Forming Relationship Via Halo, Facebook, Skype (Via Huffington Post)

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