How To Wear Your Hair In North Korea: 28 Styles That Are Approved

This image shows you the list of 28 hairstyles that are apparently the only ones that are approved by the North Korean state. Interestingly, the 90s grunge style hair cut sported by leader Kim Jong-un, is nowhere to be seen!! I guess he’s one of those “do as I say, not as I do” peeps.

The diagram that showcases the haircuts that North Koreans are allowed to have comes from, a news website run by Hong Kong’s Phoenix TV network.

According to the North Korean leadership states that this list of approved haircuts are the “most comfortable styles and capable of warding off the corrupting effects of capitalism.” They adorn the walls of hair salons up and down the country.

Men are allowed to choose from 10 different styles and have a long list of rules to follow. Young men’s hair shouldn’t be longer than 5cm. They are instructed to have a haircut every 15 days as longer hair takes nutrition away from their brains. Yeah, sure, that seems legit! Ahem WTF??!!

Older dudes are allowed to rock their locks up to 7cm long, but any longer than that and they too will get themselves in hot water!

As you can see, spiky hair and quiffs are prohibited, as would be going to a hair salon and asking for your hair to be cut “Gangnam Style”. We can’t be sure, but we imagine that trying to emulate Psy could probably get you in some serious trouble with the secret police and no haircut is worth that!!

Females have slightly more choice with 18 styles to choose from and married women in North Korean are given a little more leeway than their single counterparts. They are allowed to indulge in an extra curl here and there, but even they are not allowed to die their hair pink or do anything flamboyant for the fear of allowing the corrupting influence of Western culture to seep from their hair into their brains!

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