What A Load Of Crap: Guinness Not Interested In Japan’s Giant Toilet

Earlier in the year a gigantic restroom was opened in the Japanese city of Ishihara, it is 200-square meters and is beautifully landscaped. It is ‘allegedly’ the largest toilet in the whole wide world, however this claim cannot be made official until the Guinness Records peeps pop over, examine it and give it their seal of approval.

Unfortunately for the toilets creators, it looks as though they might never be able to give their huge restrooms the accolade of being the world’s largest toilet because according to local news reports, Guinness has rejected their submission.

Mainichi News reported that the city’s application to get the toilets awarded the title of the world’s largest from Guinness, was rejected. Apparently they said that they were not interested and would not be judging the submission.

This is a little odd when you consider all the goofball stuff that Guinness carry world records for and is bad news for the big toilet that only wants a little bit of recognition!

Despite Guinness rejection, the city of Ishihara said they would not be giving up their campaign to promote the outdoor toilets as a tourist destination, however it does cost somewhere in the region of $125,000 to maintain their upkeep. One can’t help but wonder how long they can keep flushing this kind of money down the toilet! 

I also can’t help but wonder what kind of person wants to visit a toilet when doing touristy stuff, world’s largest or otherwise?!! There is so much other weird, wonderful and wacky stuff to see in Japan, it is difficult to imagine why anyone would put the alleged world’s largest toilet on their list of things to see!

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