Grumpy Cat Gets A Movie Deal!

Grumpy Cat, the internet’s favorite miserable, maudlin and cynical feline has managed to get herself a movie deal and will be taking her infamous brand of despondency to Hollywood in the very near future!

Ben Lashes, 34, who has built a career as an agent for Internet cats, negotiated the deal with Broken Road Productions, the company responsible for the 2011 movie ‘Jack and Jill’ which starred Adam Sandler and Katie Holmes. Terms of the deal are yet to be disclosed.

In keeping with her persona, it seems that getting this movie deal hasn’t really impressed our beloved Grumpy Cat, as Lashes points out “she hates movies” and didn’t really muster up any excitement whatsoever!!

Lashes started his career as an agent for Internet cats, when he helped family friend Charlie Schmidt explode onto the scene with the now-infamous Keyboard Cat. Lashes was integral in helping Schmidt to broker licensing deals with t-shirt, toy and novelty gift companies and Schmidt says he has made around $300,000 from Keyboard Cat deals that Lashes helped to orchestrate!

Lashes looks out for viral photographs of felines that have the potential to become internet famous, contacts the pet owner and offers to help them work on ways to prolong, protect and monetize this fame. He said that he always has one question in mind when conducting his work: “What would Walt Disney do if he created Mickey Mouse and it went viral on YouTube?”

He became Grumpy Cat’s agent back in October and has already helped her reach giddy heights of fame. Back then, she was just an ordinary cat living in Morristown, Arizona and now she’s a celebrity, whose infamous scowling countenance has been seen by the entire internet!

Grumpy Cat’s notoriety started back in September, when Bryan Bundesen, visited his sister Tabatha in Arizona and posted a picture of her sourpuss on Reddit. The image quickly became popular with people quick to add grumpy catchphrases to it. Within weeks, it had gone viral and been shared millions of times across various different social networking sites. That’s when Lashes got involved and is helping the Bundesen’s to capitalize on their furry feline’s popularity.

So Grumpy Cat is on the up and on her way to Hollywood and it looks like the sky’s the limit for this gloriously cantankerous kitteh!

Source: WSJ (Image via WSJ)

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