Grown Man Goes On Hunger Strike Because Parents Wanted Him To Take A Break From Gaming


We are all used to kids chucking strops and throwing tantrums over video games, however it is a little bit rarer (and weirder) when it is done by a young adult.

Chinese publication, The Chongqing Times recently covered a story about a young man who did just that, but instead of simply crying and screaming because he could not get his own way, the guy in question actually refused to eat over a row regarding video games.

Apparently the story goes a little like this, the guy, who was given the pseudonym Yang Yang for the purpose of the article, was playing video games all day and his mom became worried about his well-being so she tried to get him to take a break. His mom and dad were references as Mr. Yang and Mrs. Yang, but that’ll make far too many Yang’s in one place, so I’m just going to refer to them as mom and dad for the purpose of this article.

Yang Yang brushed mom off, so dad had a go. Dad, it seems, was a little less patient than mom and soon got fed up with Yang Yang’s stinking attitude, barging into his room and becoming more frustrated when discovering it was a complete mess covered in snack wrappers and empty soda cans.
Dad asked Yang Yang how long he’d been playing to which the 20-something-year-old flippantly replied, “not long.”

Dad was angered by Yang Yang’s brusque response so he grabbed his son’s keyboard and smashed it to the ground. Yang Yang was obviously angered by the fact that his father had desecrated his precious keyboard and gave him a “death stare”. Dad wasn’t fazed by Yang Yang’s evil eye and simply told his son that it was time for dinner.

As soon as his dad left the room, Yang Yang locked the door and refused to come out or eat anything. Mom got worried about the fact that her precious boy refused to eat or drink anything and tried several times to convince him to eat, his response was that he would only eat when his keyboard was replaced.

The Yang family lived on the 8th floor of a building and were becoming increasingly concerned by their son’s irrational behavior so they called the emergency services. When they arrived, they managed to convince Yang Yang to eat something, but he was still stroppy with his folks.

In a bid to repair their relationship, dad went to the shops and bought his son a new keyboard. We don’t think that he has been on a hunger strike since then.

Interesting how it all played out in the end I guess, it wouldn’t have happened like that at my house though, I can tell you that much!

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