Growing Popularity Of Exorcisms In Poland Sees Launch Of Specialist Magazine

Roman Catholic Priests in Poland are being inundated with requests to perform exorcisms in recent times and have collaborated with the publisher Polwen to start what they believe is the world’s first monthly magazine that focuses solely on getting rid of the devil. The first issue is 62 pages, with a print run of 15,000 and will be sold for 10 zloty (approximately $3.10).

Father Aleksander Posacki, a professor of philosophy, theology and leading demonologist and exorcist is one of those heavily involved in the creation of the Egzorcysta monthly magazine. He told reporters at the magazine’s launch on Monday that exorcism was rapidly on the rise in Poland and that the increase in the number of people requesting it was “telling.”

He believes that the increase in ‘demonic possessions’ is partly due to the switch from atheist communism to free market capitalism that occurred in 1989, blaming the increase in ‘Fortune telling’ and ‘Occultism’ for the huge numbers of people requesting exorcisms.

He said: “It’s indirectly due to changes in the system: capitalism creates more opportunities to do business in the area of occultism. Fortune telling has even been categorized as employment for taxation…If people can make money out of it, naturally it grows and its spiritual harm grows too.” After making this statement Father Posacki quickly added that exorcisms are free of charge, should anyone dare attempt to tar what they are doing with the same brush.

Father Posacki is also on an international panel of expert Roman Catholic exorcists (I can’t help thinking Ghostbusters with crucifixes – but I’ve probably got the wrong end of the stick), he believes that the schools of psychology and psychiatry are becoming increasing helpless when they are faced with the extreme behaviors of someone who is suffering from demonic possession, which he believes comes from “committing evil.”

Posacki explained that the exorcisms are carried out using a guide of ritual prayers that were approved by Polish-born pope John Paul II in 1999. However he did state that the priests that carry out exorcisms in Poland work with psychiatrists so that they do not mistake mental illness for demonic possession. Well that’s reassuring, I guess.

Another Roman Catholic Priest who also carries out exorcisms, Father Andrzej Grefkowicz told reporters that the Priests had their work cut out dealing with all of the requests for exorcisms, claiming that in the capital Warsaw, there was a 3-month waiting list.

Both exorcists told reporters that demonic possession in real life is quite similar to the way that is depicted in horror films – think Regan projectile vomiting all over the place and Emily Rose prancing around the place like an arachnid on crack. Posacki said: “It manifests itself in the form of screams, shouting, anger, rage…threats are common.” He also claims to have seen people levitate when possessed, but said that despite the fact that this is less common, it should still be spoken about.

Spooky stuff indeed! We are all doomed I tell ya, doomed…

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