Google Doodle Emulates Tube Map To Celebrate 150 Years Of The London Underground


Search Engine giants Google have created one of their infamous Google Doodles that emulates the iconic multicolored map for the London Underground to commemorate its 150th birthday!

The Doodle spells out the name using the different colored lines of the London Underground and even provides a key in the bottom right hand corner that tells you the names of the different lines like an actual map does. It uses the actual colors of the lines to create the letters, but obviously their routes have been twisted into the required shapes!

The infamous public transport service, referred to by many as the Tube, first opened in 1863. The virgin journey took place between Paddington and Farringdon on the Metropolitan Railway – which has since been incorporated into the Circle and District Line.

All 7 of the London Underground’s original stations are still in use, though they have all had several refurbishments since then! Only Edgware Road and Baker Street have kept their Victorian era names however.
Today the Tube has 270 stations and 250 miles (420 kilometers) of track which makes it the fourth largest metro system in the world in terms of route miles.
It was estimated that in 2012 approximately 3.66million people used the Tube every single weekday and 3.23 million used it during the weekends!

To celebrate its 150th birthday, the historic first journey will be recreated on Sunday. A steam locomotive will pull a restored 1893 carriage along the line that the first train followed.

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