Goertz Offers Virtual Shoe Fittings All Over Germany

Years ago virtual reality was something we could only imagine through fictional worlds such as Star Trek: The Next Generation and Tron. Nowadays we can use virtual reality to do something as benign as try on a pair of shoes.

The German online shoe store, Goertz, has started a campaign all across Germany. They’re setting up Microsoft Kinect powered installations in shopping malls and central stations, allowing people to partake in virtual shoe fittings. How it works is simple. You start off by selecting the brand and type of shoe you’re most interested in on the machine’s screen, then tell it your own foot size. Once it has that information, the machine will scan your feet. You’ll then be able to see a live action shot of yourself in motion on the large screen, as well as 3D versions of the shoe you requested on your feet. You can change up the kind of shoe you’re wearing if the one you first picked doesn’t suit your fancy, and you can even take a picture of yourself and upload it straight to Facebook to share with friends. If interested in purchasing a pair of shoes, a code will pop up for you to scan with your smartphone. This will bring the product’s page up on your phone’s screen, allowing you to purchase it right then and there.

Goertz may be onto something big here. While people do enjoy the experience of going to stores, the task of trying on every last pair of shoes until you find the one you like best can be a bit tedious at times. What Goertz is offering is a shortcut, and for us people short on time as is, this could be a really great idea to expand further on in the future. (via digitalbuzzblog)

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