Amateur Bosnian Goalkeeper Plays Full Game Despite Having 9mm Bullet Lodged In His Head!!

One of the biggest complaints about football/soccer (I’m from the UK so it’s football to me) from fans of other sports, is that the players can often be big giant pansies, rolling around on the floor and feigning injury after the slightest hint of contact from an opponent. And while you can’t argue that this is true for many of the stars in the game, there is no denying that some footballers are hard as nails and will carry on slogging through despite picking up some horrifically painful injuries.

One Bosnian amateur footballer reaffirmed this, by playing out an entire match after being shot in the head and had a 9mm bullet lodged there for the duration!!! The 51-year-old goalkeeper Duško Krtalica didn’t realize he’d been shot but did complain of a headache. He played on assuming that the reason he was suffering a wee bit, was because he’d knocked his head against a goal post whilst making a save – however the reality was a little bit different!

Shot stopper Krtalica was playing at a tournament in the Sarajevo suburb of Boljakov Potok when he was struck by the stray bullet. He continued the game despite his headache, but after the match, he complained of a stiff arm and was displaying difficulty in speaking so he was driven to a local hospital. There doctors were shocked to discover that the goalie actually had a bullet lodged in his skull!

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It turns out that the stray bullet came from a guy who thought it would be a good idea to celebrate a nearby wedding by firing some bullets in the air and one of these bullets came down and happened to land in Krtalica’s head! The man, Seyne Ligata has since been arrested and we are happy to report that the gutsy keeper survived the incident, though we’ve got absolutely no idea why he didn’t notice that he had a 9mm bullet in his skull!

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