Girl Got Kicked Out Of House For Watching ‘Coming Out’ Videos On Youtube

15 year old Redditor ComfyCouches, was watching every known ‘coming out’ videos on Youtube before she went to bed. She had forgotten to log out of her computer when she fell asleep, which was a mistake, because while she was sleeping, her mom came in and gone through her browser history, seen all the videos, and decided Comfycouches is a lesbian and kicked her out of the house.

ComfyCouches said:

I was on YouTube last night, and somehow ended up in the section about gays coming out, reactions, etc. Some of them were really touching, and I ended up watching every single one known to mankind. I went to bed round eleven, forgetting to log out of the computer. Next thing I know, Im being woken up at 3 in the morning. My moms gone through my browser history, seen all these videos, and decided Im trying o figure out how to come out. I’m incredibly disoriented, trying to figure out whats going on, and she’s screaming and shouting in my face. She tells me I have to get out now, and not come back until I’m “fixed”. I’ve sorta figured out the plot here, and start telling her the truth: I’m not gay. She doesn’t believe me, says now I’ve lied as well as been gay. She calms down enough to a controlled fury, gives me a string bag with a couple days clothing, and tells me she never wants to talk to me again, unless I “do something about this.” Its about 7:30 right now, and I’m at my friends house. Im 15 years old, and as much as I hate being in that homophobic environment, I need my mom to provide for me until I can go to college etc. I tried calling her half an hour ago to tell her again, but she just screamed that I was lying. I dont know what to do. My friends going away soon, so I cant stay here.

I was kicked out of my house for being gay. Im not gay. What should I do?

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  • Anon

    probably would have punched ignorant mom and told her to f–kin listen

  • Dwagner97080

    Well, she legally can’t throw out a 15 year old so I say call the cops and have them enplane to her that she can go to jail for this.

    • Dwagner97080


  • Heather Sibley

    Involve the cops. She could get charges of child endangerment, abandonment, etc. Depending on the state 15 is too young for emancipation and either way you can’t force a child to be emancipated.  Also she could try talking to a saner family member to get an extra ally.

  • Glaciusx

    What the hell? Does this mother not know what child services are? Idiot.