Creepy Halloween Art: Gigantic Spiders Are Taking Over The World!!!

You know they always say that artists and creative-types are a little bit on the mental side, well this project by German artist Friedrich van Schoor is all the proof you need to back that theory up.

This totally twisted individual got a couple of standard but still rather scary-looking, badass arachnids, put them in a small model room and captured footage of them running around wrecking their spider-havoc.

He then projected this footage onto the windows of a standard sized room, so that in fact it looks like spiders the size of King Kong are running around angrily, soon to take over the world and eat the souls of our children.

The one saving grace is that we can still rest easy in the knowledge that spiders can’t fly…If he’d used Photoshop to attach some nasty, furry wings to those creatures – it would have been that little bit more horrific!! Forget the Zombie Apocalypse peeps and start preparing for the invasion of flying giant spiders…

My skin is crawling just from watching the video of the installation, I can’t imagine how creeped out I’d feel if I’d actually seen the life-size projection.

Much as I never want to see this again, I have to admit that an installation like this would be great as a Halloween decoration. Imagine putting that up in your ‘Haunted House’?? You would absolutely terrify everyone!!!

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