Giant Panda Gives Birth To Twins In China

A giant panda named Haizi gave birth to twins on Saturday in a wildlife center in the China’s Sichuan province. They are the first pair of giant panda cubs to be born this year.

Haizi gave birth to the two adorable little cubs 10 minutes apart at the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda which is a part of the Wolong Nature Reserve.

Staff at the center have said that one of the cubs is a female and weighs 79.2grams. The mother panda has yet to release the other cub from her embrace, so they have been unable to provide details of sex or weight as yet.


Giant pandas are a critically endangered species that have been hunted to the point of extinction and have suffered because their natural habitat has been destroyed. They also have difficulty breeding because the females are only fertile for a few days in each year so the birth of Haizi’s twins have caused a lot of joy amongst those fighting to protect the species.

It is believed that there are approximately 1,600 pandas in the wild and more than 300 in captivity, the majority of which reside in breeding programs in China.

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