Get Your Unicorns & Fraggles!! Now On Sale At A Whole Foods Near You!

Apparently Whole Foods have extended their stock list to include the wonderful, magical, mythical creature that just about everyone on the planet would love to have in their back garden – the unicorn!! For those not satisfied with having this mystical beast on toast or gently sautéed, you can also buy those brightly colored, squeaky-voiced, utterly lovable Fraggles to liven up your lunchtime.

Twitter user Rachel G informs us of this fabulous information, posting a picture of a Whole Foods sign which boasts unicorns on offer next to much more bog standard foodstuff like flour and sugar. But before you jump on your trusty dragon and wing it down to the nearest Whole Foods to bulk buy all the unicorns and fraggles that your life savings will get you, it is worth bearing in mind that it might be a wasted journey. Rachel G shatters our hopes and dreams when she points out that they always seem to be out of stock.

Well that’s just too disappointing for words…Aslan shall be hearing of this!

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