Eight Geektastic Skirts

Ashley Mertz, GoChaseRabbits over on Etsy, is currently selling an array of chic geeky skirts. You can find skirts with such themes as video games, sci-fi movies, fantasy, and comic book characters. The skirts each run at about $45.99, as they are all hand sewn and constructed by Mertz herself. She will also make custom pieces upon request, so if you have a skirt in mind that you’d really like to own don’t hesitate in shooting her a message with a commission.

Here are eight wonderful skirts being displayed currently over on Mertz’s etsy, but hurry quickly! These skirts are flying like hotcakes!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer skirt

Companion Cube skirt

Mario Goomba skirt

Pokeball skirt

Legend of Zelda skirt

Retro Video Game Controller skirt

Original Playstation Controller Skirt

Serenity in Space skirt

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