Geeky Clocks to Tell You the Time

geeky clock

Alantronics, an etsy shop run by Alan Kwok, specializes in selling one specific product: clocks. Geeky clocks, to be precise. Whether you’re a Doctor Who fan, a comic book lover, or fancy yourself a bit of Adventure Time, chances are you’ll love these clocks. Each clo target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”ck is currently priced at $34.95 (with the exception of the Jake the Dog clock, which is $39.99). You can contact Alan if you’d like any custom modifications on the clock you order.

geek clock1

Green Lantern Clock

geek clocks2

Fez & Bowtie Clock

geek clocks3

Batman Clock

geek clocks4

Gunter the Penguin Clock

geek clocks5

Jake the Dog Clock

geek clocks6


geek clocks7

Superman Clock

geek clocks8

Dalek Clock

geek clocks9

Adipose Clock

geek clocks10

Finn the Human Clock

geek clocks11

Captain America Clock

geeky clock

Weeping Angel Clock

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