Gareth Evans Reveals More ‘The Raid’ Sequel Details!


Action movie fans who saw and loved Gareth Evans’ ‘The Raid: Redemption’ will be pleased to know that the director has announced on Twitter that he will begin shooting the sequel on the 19th January. He has also revealed a few more details about the eagerly anticipated sequel including that it will be called ‘Berandal’ and that it will take place just 2 hours after the first movie finishes. Like the first movie, ‘Berandal’ will also showcase the traditional Indonesian martial art pencak silat.

In a recent interview Evans said that he intended to take the sequel outside of the building. He said; “We’ve already done something self contained, we want to do something now whereby the boss of that building and the building itself everything that was terrifying and scary about that in the first film is considered small fry when it comes to the second film. So, we go to a much bigger underworld organization, and it should be great.”

It has been confirmed that ‘The Raid: Redemption’ star Iko Uwais (who also choreographed many of the fight scenes) will be returning to his role and he will be joined by Julie Estelle who will play a character named Hammer Girl, Alex Abbad who starred in Evans and Uwais’ other collaboration movie ‘Merantau’ and Marsha Timothy, Tio Pakusadewo and Mathias Muchus will be joining them. Internationally recognized silat practitioner Cecep Arif Rahman has also signed up and will play a big role in the sequel. You can see some of Rahman’s crazy skills in this short video clip!

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