Gangnam Style Gets Its Own Flipbook Animation Video

It’s been a little while since I’ve had to write about Psy’s Gangnam Style or any of the multitude of parodies that it spawned like an army of slimy alien eggs that would eventually bring about the end of mankind, so I feel as though I can write about the Gangnam Style flipbook animation video without feeling an overwhelming desire to headbutt my laptop. It’s still there, just not as strong…

This incredibly detailed flipbook animation video was created by Etoilec1 and you’ve got to admit that it is a pretty awesome creation (even if you hate the song as much as I do)!

Unfortunately for the extremely talented creator of this flipbook masterpiece, the higher resolution clip was sound-stripped by YouTube’s automated IP enforcement police! You can watch the Vimeo version(above) – a lower resolution clip with the sound, or view the higher quality video with the track playing alongside it.

Personally I prefer watching it without the sound as I’m sure many others will too!

If you’re a fan of flipbook creations, you can subscribe to Etoilec1’s YouTube channel or follow him on Facebook and view his other works!

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