GameStick: World’s Most Portable TV Games Console Ever Reaches Kickstarter Target


GameStick – the portable Games Consoles designed for television has reached exceeded its Kickstarter funding target of $100,000 with 28 days still left for the project to run!

The GameStick’s creators believe that the reason only 1% of the world’s 1,416,338,245 televisions are used to play games is because traditional game consoles and content are too expensive. They set themselves a challenge of creating a portable console (the GameStick is certainly that, fitting into a good sized pocket and plugging into a standard HDMI slot) and it is cheaper most other television consoles, selling at just $79.

They also wanted to make use of the open platform that the mobile games market flourishes on, so they have harnessed the Android ecosystem and are encouraging game developers to create content for the GameStick.

Because the GameStick uses Android as its underlying operating system , users can access the many Android games available. Creators claims to have pinpointed more than 200 games that are compatible with the GameStick and are working with hundreds of developers to introduce many more!

The GameStick comes from award-winning company PlayJam, which for the last few years have been driven to bring gaming into our living rooms via Smart TV and free-to-play games. So far, they claim to be in 50 million homes today!

You can still order your GameStick at the Kickstarter page and the company hopes to have the product with their customers by April of 2013!

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