Game of Thrones House Flag Parodies

Everyone loves a good parody of their favorite television show, movie, or book, whether its done through the use of videos, cosplay, or fan art. Miguel Lokia (Lokiable on deviantart) has recently been making house flags for some of his favorite fictional characters, replicating the flags seen on the hit television (and book) series, Game of Thrones. Miguel has taken memorable words and phrases from characters and attached them with whatever object is most important to the stories the characters come from, creating house flags for each of them. He has created a slew of wonderful artwork already that gives the same feeling Game of Thrones does, ranging anywhere from Batman to House (the House one being, by far, the best and funniest). Heck, even Chuck Norris gets his own flag.

We’ve highlighted some of Miguel’s best work below the jump, but if you’re interested in seeing more make sure to check out his gallery over on his deviantart.

Lord of the Rings house flag

Batman house flag

Walker Texas Ranger house flag

Pirates of the Caribbean house flag

Captain America house flag

Spider-man house flag

Superman house flag

House house flag

Tomb Raider house flag

Godfather house flag

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