Awesome Game Of Thrones Death Generator From Vulture

Game of Thrones is a fantastic and much loved series, which is renowned for the gruesomely spectacular ways in which the characters meet their bitter ends. Indeed, even the so-called main characters are not immune to being flamboyantly culled in George R.R. Martin’s brutal land full of betrayal and backstabbers.

As their way of paying homage to the numerous intriguing ways in which death can find you in Westeros, those clever folks over at Vulture have created this awesome Game of Thrones fake death generator. With the click of a mouse, the death generator will give you a death befitting of Westeros’ best and worst characters!

Interestingly, at exactly the same time as I stumbled upon Vulture’s Game of Thrones death generator, a message popped up in my Facebook chat from a friend stating that it was “shoot me in the face time”. It was then that it occurred to me, how useful and entertaining this generator might be for those of you who are bored out of your minds at work and at the point where you are imagining fantastical ways to end the pain! It should help to pass at least a little bit of time until “fuck this shit” o’clock comes round!

Warning: those of you who are not up to date with the series could end up discovering a few death-related spoilers, so tread carefully.

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