Gain Immortality The Doktor A. Way

This awesome Asphyx Engine was created by bespoke toy maker, mechanical genius and all round crazy inventor type Doktor A. It was created for one of his largest collectors and offers up the number one human desire – ‘immortality’.

According to the instructions all you need to do is strap yourself up to the electrodes, attach bulldog clips to the jaw (sounds like the most fun), crank the handle to get the electrical charge built up and close the main switch to engage the electrical flow. Then you increase the electrical voltage using the dial (be careful not to turn up to an 11 – unless you want to be the 4th member of Spinal Tap) and simply wait until you Asphyx manifests itself in the storage container. Once your Asphyx (the essence of your soul) is wafting around inside the tube, shut off the electrodes from the main switch and transfer your Asphyx to a long-term containment device (jam jars or Tupperware do not count).

According to Doktor A. the Asphyx “appears in Greek myths as an angel of death like deity who appears at the moment of demise to seek release from its eternal pain by possessing the dying soul of its victim.” He said that he drew much of his inspiration from the piece from the 1972 British Horror movie ‘The Asphyx’ which starred Robert Stephens and Robert Powell.

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