Futurama Fan Creates Epic Bender Wood Stove

Futurama fans will simply love this fan made Bender stove that was created by a dude who goes by the name of Rob Halftroll. Bender is a great character; hilariously cantankerous, devious and narcissistic – I mean who wouldn’t want him cooking their grub for them!!

Halftroll, who describes himself as a “grumpy git who’s generally handy”, got the idea for this epic creation whilst “drunk as a skunk” watching an episode of Futurama. He was already thinking about creating a decent sized woodstove and thought that creating a Bender sculpture and turning his innards into a furnace would be a great idea and we would have to agree with him!

The Bender Bending Rodriguez wood stove stands approximately 5.6 inches tall and took Halftroll approximately 3 weeks to put together. He used 5 gas bottles, 5kg of welding wire, 90 liters of CO2, various bits of steel, plenty of plasters and lots of alcohol (ahem WTF, welding tools and alcohol? Halftroll is either really brave or totally insane!!!

Those of you who are handy with a gas bottle might want to check out Halftroll’s blogspot where he has provided step-by-step instructions on how to create your very own Bender wood stove!

Source: Technabob

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