£2,499 Fur Coat Made Using Male Chest Hair To Promote Milk Drink For Men!

Straight from the land of WTF advertising campaigns comes the £2,499 limited edition coat that is made entirely out of male chest hair!

This disgusting monstrosity took designers more than 200 hours to weave together the many strands of hair and it was commissioned by dairy firm Arla to coincide with the launch of their new milk drink Wing-co.


In case you were wondering what a milk drink and a fur coat made completely out of male chest hair have to do with one another – apparently Wing-co is aimed at men and the coat was created in protest against the “manning-down” of British men, particularly because of emasculating fashion. Well, now that that has been explained, it all makes perfect sense – not!!

One thing I find particularly weird is the fact that they went to all that hassle to create a coat using chest hair, then had it worn by a model with a very hairless chest for the promotional pics!


This is possibly a more grosstastic fashion item than the hairy stockings intended for young girls as an anti-pervert device that we wrote about last week!

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