Full U.S. SNES Game Collection Sale Not Snapped Up Yet

snes game for sale

When we initially wrote about the full collection of 721 SNES games being sold by Redditor Byuu, we were pretty sure that fanatical gamers would have snapped up that collection almost immediately, especially considering the coverage it has got in the media.
However it seems that Byuu is struggling to find a buyer for his complete collection of every SNES game ever released in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. He has received more than 120 offers, but of those offers, very few have come close to his asking price of $24,999.

According to Polygon, 110 of the offers Byuu has received have been unrealistically low, between a single cent and $300!!
Byuu is willing to drop a little from the $24,999 he initially asked for and has had 2 bids for $20,000. The problem with the $20,000 bids however, is that neither bidder has the money in hand yet, one has requested a week, whereas the other has asked for 2 months to raise the funds.

Though he’d obviously like a quick sale, so he can get on with building his Japanese and European collections, Byuu will wait for the right price. He told Polygon; “If I cannot get $20,000 I will not fully recoup my own investment, and I can’t afford to lose money…I will most likely wait indefinitely. The SNES game prices have continued to rise steadily over the past several years. It will eventually sell, I am confident in that.”

The impressive collection has even garnered the interest of curators from organizations like the Digital Game Museum although they have not contacted him formally to make an offer.

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