French Woman Gets $15 Quadrillion Phone Bill

Those of us out there who have a penchant for chatting a lot of shit on the telephone open up our monthly bills with the tentative nervousness of someone handling an explosive device. Many times the figure we have seen on the bill has caused our mouths to drop open and is quickly followed by a ‘short’ call to mom asking for a little loan to help pay it off!

But can you imagine the shock horror experienced by French citizen Solenne San Jose when she opened up her bill from French phone company Bouygues Telecom and saw that she owed $15 quadrillion that’s €11,721,000,000,000,000. San Jose was terminating her account and assumed that there would be a cancellation fee but she really wasn’t expecting that – and who could blame her?!!!

San Jose told French news site Sud Ouest that there were “so many zeros I couldn’t even work out how much it was.” I’m with her on that one, I start getting confused after a couple of 0’s myself!

It’s obvious to me, you and my next door neighbor’s Labrador that this was some kind of error – be it human, computer or otherwise, but the funniest thing about San Jose’s story is that she had a lot of trouble convincing the telephone company that it was in actual fact a mistake.

The mind doth boggle – you’d have to have a terminal case of verbal diarrhea and a telephone that could pause time to run up a phone bill that high!!

Once she’d gone through the rigmarole and finally managed to convince whatever muppet was dealing with her case that it was actually an error, she was billed the much more reasonable amount of €117,21($151).

Source: Huffington Post

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