FPF Update: Actor John Cusack Pledge to Match Donations Of Supporters


The Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF) that was launched just over 6 weeks ago has issued an update to let their supporters know about their current progress.

Actor John Cusack is on the FPF’s board of directors and in a recent statement, he said that the need to support the first amendment and journalism that focused on transparency and government accountability was paramount.

He said that despite the fact that Obama’s administration has stated they want to become “the most transparent administration in history” government secrecy is at an all time high. Cusack points to the fact that more whistleblowers have been prosecuted by this administration than the others combined and that investigative journalists were regularly being intimidated.

But, he admits that when the FPF launched, they did question whether people would be compelled enough to donate to their cause. Now after 6 weeks in action, they at least have the answer to that question as Cusack states more than 1,900 people have donated nearly 200,000 to the FPF in order to support organizations like WikiLeaks, MuckRock, National Security Archive and The UpTake.

Cusack announced that the second bundle of organizations had been chosen and they are; The Bureau for Investigative Journalism, Center for Public Integrity and Truthout. He said that the FPF would continue to support WikiLeaks because they are currently being subjected to extra legal financial blockades from Visa, Mastercard and Paypal which stopped taking donations to them late in 2010 after “unofficial pressure from members of Congress.”

Each of the organizations chosen by the FPF have selected specific investigative projects tailored for the FPF donors, these projects explore national security themes including drone strikes, Guantanamo Bay and the 9/11 trials and Pentagon spending.

As a way of kickstarting donation for this bundle of organizations, Cusack is offering up to a $10,000 total of matching donation to supporters who go to the FPF website and donate. The supporters who donate will see their amount doubled on the front page!

Cusack hopes that this matching donation idea will encourage donors who want to give both small and large amounts to the cause and believes that the FPF can be a significant part of a broad movement intended to “restore and protect the First Amendment.”

He said;

“So it’s up to the public to bring transparency to the government, if the government won’t bring it to us.”

Supporters who want to donate can choose to donate to one particular organization or all of them, they also have the option of choosing how much of each of their donation goes to each group.

Freedom of the Press Foundation is also on Facebook.

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