Former Microsoft Employee Auctions Original Xbox Launch Collection


Howard Phillips, or Gamesmaster Howard as he is often called, was a Microsoft employee who was part of the original Xbox launch team and because of this, he had in his collection a number of very collectible goodies from the launch of the console, which took place in November of 2001!

Gamesmaster Howard has decided to auction off his rare collection on eBay, but if you want this particular piece of gaming history then you are going to have to dig deep as the asking price is $5,000 and there isn’t long to go on the auction either!

The impressive collection includes a translucent green Xbox Launch Team console with a pair of matching green controllers. Only 60 of this particular type of console were ever created, so it is a very rare item indeed. Also up for grabs is an impressive “X” sculpture of the original prototype console, which may well be a one-of-a-kind. This sculpture is polished metal and comes with an Xbox logo that lights up.

Other items of memorabilia include; a commemorative launch plaque, the first ever official Xbox Certification Submission Disc, a full set of Xbox collectors cars from E3 2001, an unused Xbox Live Subscription card from the launch of the service, Xbox baseball cap, Xbox trade show badge and a whole heap of other Xbox launch goodies like stickers, buttons, pens etc.

The auction ends on January 2nd and the reserve price has not been met yet, so if you want to get your hands on this huge collection of Xbox history, you better move quickly!






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