Former English Boxing Champion Tracks Down A Twitter Troll IRL

Curtis Woodhouse1After professional English boxer Curtis Woodhouse lost his title, one Twitter troll decided to torment the defeated champion and in a series of harsh tweets (that have since been deleted). Using what many would term as “fighting talk” he called Woodhouse a “complete disgrace”.

Woodhouse, who had lost the light-welterweight title on points, thought that the comments @jimmyob88 had made were a little unfair and offered his Twitter followers a cash reward if they would help him track down the person responsible for taunting him.

Keeping his followers updated in real-time, it seems Woodhouse made it as far as the street that the troll lived on. He claimed to have traveled to Mount View Road in South Yorkshire with the intention of giving the troll “a right pasting”. He tweeted a photo of street sign of the road where the troll allegedly resides and baited him to come out.

The troll quickly backtracked, saying that the insults were “harmless fun” and apologizing to the pro boxer.
When the “keyboard warrior” failed to materialize, Woodhouse got back in his car and drove back home.

Woodhouse, who was also a former professional soccer player seemed to see the funny side of the feud, stating that he’d found out about Twitter’s block function a little too late to save the money he spent on petrol for the car journey to the troll’s abode.

But, then there are those who are speculating that the whole thing was engineered by Woodhouse from the comfort of his own home. The tweets that Woodhouse sent whilst allegedly on his journey to the troll’s house were sent from Twitter’s website, meaning that he used a computer not a smartphone to post them. The photo of the troll’s street could have easily been passed on by Woodhouse’s source.

While this does not conclusively prove anything, because it’s quite possible that Woodhouse took his laptop with him on his crusade to locate the foul troll, it does suggest that the whole thing might have been orchestrated to give the troll a bit of scare.

Whichever way it happened, you’d have to admit that it worked and @jimmyob88 will probably think twice before taunted another professional athlete again!

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