Former Bank Of Scotland Boss Goodwin Stripped Of Knighthood

Fred Goodwin, the former boss the Royal Bank of Scotland, has had the knighthood he was given in 2004, taken from him.

Goodwin received a massive amount of criticism for decisions he made whilst in charge of the bank, which had to bailed out by the taxpayer at the cost of £45bn following their near collapse in 2008.
Following recommendations from Whitehall advisors, The Queen annulled the knighthood.

Prior to this annulment, the only people to have had their knighthoods taken from them were convicted felons or those struck from their professional bodies of work.

The decision to cancel Goodwin’s knighthood has been welcomed by many, including Prime Minister David Cameron and other party leaders.

There had been numerous calls for the knighthood to be removed after massive job losses were caused by Goodwin’s decisions at RBS. These decisions have since had a knock-on effect on the banking industry as a whole, and been detrimental to the entire economy.

Other notable people to have forfeited their knighthoods include;

  • Anthony Blunt – knighted for his services to Art, lost it for being involved in a spy-scandal!
  • Nicolae Ceausescu – given a knighthood for his friendship with western democracies, lost it when he changed his previously friendly policies!
  • Roger Casement – a distinguished diplomat, was later convicted of spying. He not only lost his knighthood, but was executed too!
  • Jack Lyons, got his knighthood for massive charitable donations, lost it when he was convicted of fraud in the 1980’s.
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