Ford Issues Apology Over Ads That Show Bound & Gagged Women In Car Trunks

Ford Motor Company Officials have issued a hasty apology over a set of adverts from India that feature women bound and gagged in the trunk of a new car model from the well-known car manufacturers.

One of the advert features former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi – who is well known for his often controversial sexual antics, giving the peace sign from the front of the vehicle, while 3 women caricatures are tied up in distress in the trunk. Another features smiling socialite Paris Hilton, with reality TV hit sisters, the Kardashians bound and gagged in the back. The adverts, of which there were 3, featured the tag line “leave your worries behind”.

Even though the adverts were quickly pulled by the company, which stated that they did not live up to their usual standards, they were up long enough to cause a lot of controversy, with many arguing that they were sexist, demeaning and derogatory towards women. Others however have defended the controversial caricatures – arguing that they are satire not sexist.

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