Flippycat Video: The Cat & The Spiraling Domino Maze


This video is from domino-maze enthusiast Flippycat who has previously bought us Van Gogh and Nintendo themed domino mazes, testing his dazzling domino maze constructing skills on his sister’s cat Shammy.

In the video we see Shammy’s inquisitive reaction to the falling dominos and cat video fanatics will no doubt enjoy this short clip.

There appears to be a bone of contention however with the title of the clip, which is “best cat toy ever?” As many have pointed out in the YouTube comments, the best cat toy ever is a box, we all know that… And after the undisputed box, there are many more than would jump in as favorites ahead of the domino maze, things like live mice, shoelaces, paper balls, the slinky, lasers etc etc.

Kudos to the YouTuber who said something along the lines of “If cats had their own YouTube, this video would be called ‘How to keep humans busy stacking dominoes.’” That really made me chuckle and I can actually image a race of mastercats sitting their plotting our downfall by pretending to be really interested in domino mazes so that could wreck havoc behind our backs while we painstakingly spent hour upon hour reconstructing them!!

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