First Ever Cat Video Recorded By Mr. Thomas Edison

Pretty much everyone has heard of Thomas Edison, he’s the guy who illuminated our world with the invention of the light bulb! He also invented the motion picture camera and numerous other useful items making him the 4th most prolific inventor in history!

But did you know that he is also the person responsible for recording the world’s first ever cat video? I didn’t, but it makes sense if you think about it, I mean the guy is responsible for inventing so many things that dramatically influence our lives, so it’s kinda fitting I guess that he’s the man behind the cat video phenomenon that doesn’t look like ever fading away.

The Los Angeles Times recently published a feature piece that looked at the internet’s many infamous cats, like box-lover Maru, dwarfy Lil’ Bub and grumpy Henri. There it came to light (no pun intended) that the first ever recorded cat video was this wonderful clip by Edison that features a couple of kittehs in boxing gloves going head to head in a miniature boxing ring. Apart from the grainy quality, Edison’s video wouldn’t look out of place amongst the many cat videos that reside on the internet today.

Edison’s video was created in 1894 making it like 115 years old! It was meant to be viewed on a kinetoscope which was an early motion picture exhibition device that you guessed it, Mr. Edison invented. It was digitized by the Library of Congress and uploaded to YouTube back in 2009. A fantastic piece of cat history for you feline fanatics!

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