Finding Your Place In Geekdom

Many moons ago, when I was at school, a geek was someone who got picked on in class because they always did their homework on time and obeyed every rule and regulation set by the teachers religiously. Times have changed since then though – geeks are no longer the much-maligned, lonely figure in the schoolyard, stood miles from everyone else, busily cleaning a pair of horn-rimmed spectacles.

Anyone who knows anything at all about geeks knows that there are several different kinds of them, and these days – being a geek is definitely not as bad as it was a few decades ago!
The internet has a lot to do with this, obviously being super-cool and revolutionizing the world, knowing your way around it and how to utilize its power makes the net geek a handy friend to have and elevates them from the rest of society. The success of comic book movies like the X-Men, Spiderman, Ironman and more recently the Avengers Assemble has made being a comic book geek much much more popular than it used to be.

The near total market domination enjoyed by Apple products like the iPhone and the iPod has seen Apple Fanboys popping up all over the place and in all honesty – can you really blame them?
So what kind of Geek are you? Best Colleges Online has created an infograph which categorizes several different types of Geeks and lists helpful bullet points highlighting the main criteria of that particular branch of Geek.

The introduction to the ‘Sacred Order of Geeks’ infograph reads: “Spawned from the union of yesterday’s memes and obsessive technophiles, the mythical empire of Geekdom has been steadily expanding for decades, evolving and diversifying at each turn. Though hailing from different territories of Geek, each new variety marches under the same banner. Check out some of the diverse inhabitants of Geektopia and see where you fit in.”

Like Gizmodo pointed out, the infograph does generalize what it is to be a geek somewhat and many of us will find that we do not fit solely into one geek-type but instead are more of a blend of several. One thing that had my eyebrows raised quizzically was the lack of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ geek – surely they (we) deserved their own little section in Geektopia – maybe the rulers of Geekdom were worried that they would try to usurp all the power – ‘One ring to rule them all’ and all that!!

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