Fight Crime & Get Married With An Elegant Batman-Themed Wedding!

For those of you who think the average, conventional wedding is a pretty tame affair and are bored of the traditional white wedding gowns and tuxedoes, take a look at these ideas for a Batman themed wedding from WhenGeeksWed!

Some superhero themed weddings can seem a little tacky or gawky, with far too much shiny spandex material on show, but not in this case. Clearly the person who created these wedding ideas modeled it on the stylish, lavish lifestyle of the affluent Bruce Wayne.

The black and gold wedding gown is absolutely stunning and totally chic and the wedding invite with the little gold bat is pretty damn cool too! I wonder who will be the first person to actually pick these designs and use them for their wedding!

Would you have a non-traditional, superhero-themed wedding and if so, which superhero would you base it on? I’d quite like to go to an X-men or Avengers Assemble union, Wolverine could cut the cake but you’d have to watch out that Thor didn’t run off with the bride!

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