Fifteen Useful Star Wars Products

The good thing about having a movie franchise that’s been around for decades and is still as popular as when it was first released is that there is inevitably an immense amount of memorabilia. Star Wars still has one of the most rabid fan followings of all time, and because of this we still get new products for the series as often as possible. We have reached the point that if there is anything you ever need, you can find a Star Wars version of it. I’m not joking.

Here are fifteen products that you can use on a day-to-day basis that honor George Lucas’s masterful (original) trilogy.

In need of a new purse, tote bag, or briefcase? Why not buy yourself an AT-AT Plush Utility Bag and cement yourself as the coolest person at your job.

This Han Solo and Princess Leia Mug Set is perfect for geeky couples who like to call each other “nerf herders” on occasion.

Get back at your friend who keeps putting off watching the Star Wars trilogy by ruining the end for her with your Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite iPhone Case.

Ever wanted to stir some brownie mix using Darth Vader’s face? Now you can with these R2D2 and Darth Vader Spatulas.

Make Vader proud with every shot you take using your Star Wars shot glass.

Lego video games have become incredibly popular over the years, and these Star Wars Lego Watches are too good to pass up.

Everyone should have a Wampa Rug to decorate the house with. It’ll make any room pop.

What better way to impress house guests than with a recipe or two out of The Star Wars Cookbook?

This Lightsaber Umbrella may not be of much help when fending off Stormtroopers, but it’ll definitely help you keep dry from the rain.

This Death Star Tea Infuser is a great product for anyone who likes to unwind with a mug of tea after a stressful day of jedi training.

Nothing says comfort better than a pair of fuzzy Chewbacca Slippers. What’s more comforting than knowing that these adorable Wookies wont tear off your arm while you sleep?

As long as you only ever purchase red, green, blue, and purple candles, your Lightsaber Candle Holder will always be put to good use.

While not everyone loves Toms, it’s pretty hard to pass up on these R2D2 Toms.

Luke, Leia, and Han will gladly protect your money from the Dark side in your Star Wars wallet.

Pottery Barn Kids featured this Star Wars themed bedroom idea, for any parents interested in giving their child the greatest room of all time. The site also provides links to where you can purchase Star Wars sheets and quilted bedding.

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