Family Bones Music Video Made From 25,000 Post-It’s

We all know about the multifaceted uses of Post-It Notes, whether it be to remind yourself about essay-deadlines, to make sure your forgetful housemate takes out the trash or to make sure you remember that important work meeting with the company directors!

One of the funniest one’s I have seen was left from my mum to my brother, it was on a packet of chicken in our fridge and said, ‘Please do not eat this chicken for breakfast, as it is your dinner’!!! That told him!

Post-It’s are the memory-challenged individual’s best friend in our hectic world and they can be used for a number of different things, but I bet you never guessed they could be used to create a music video?!?

Check out this totally awesome video for the Family Bones song ‘If You Ever Need Someone’, that was created by animator Aaron Kaminar, who used a staggering 25,000 Post-It Notes for this pixilated masterpiece!

This guy has some serious skills and not to mention a hell of a lot of patience!! It must have taken him ages to create those images! The scene where the protagonist climbs up the beanstalk and walks along the clouds is awesome and is an allusion to the old school platform games that we all loved so much! I almost expected Super Mario to pop out from behind a cloud and give us a wink!
It’s a very catchy song too, definitely worth having a listen!

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